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JWELL Machinery Plastic Profile Extrusion WPC Profile Production Line

WPC(PE&PP) Wood-Plastic Floor is that the wood-plastic composite materials complete in different types of equipment of mixing, from play, extruding products, mixing the raw material in a certain formula, forming wood-plastic particles in the middle, and then squeezing out products. And nowadays, the two-step way is used currently, application of a wider general use dual-cone or two-extruder granulation, and then double-cone or single screw extruder wpc profile extrusion line products, mainly used in floor indoor or outdoor, parapets, tray, such as WPC(PE&PP) plastic extrusion products. 

What are WPC products? As its name might suggest, wood plastic composite (WPC) is a material created from a unique blend of natural wood and plastic fibers. Sawdust, pulp, bamboo, peanut hulls, and unused woodworking materials, like bark, from various projects, are combined with plastic powder to form WPC.

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