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Double Station Blow Molding Machine

JWELL, A blow molding machine manufacturer integrating design, production, and service. There are 23 series of JWZ-BM type of specifications for customers to choose. We always focus on project research Development and technology investment, thereby driving the continuous improvement of brand power. 

At the same time, in order to meet customer needs, Jwell extruder china company continue to Work on energy, automation, energy saving, and environmental protection, etc., to ensure the quality of the products while making the details more meticulous. We always use the comprehensive advantages of technology, quality, and service to collaborate with users and partners to create more value. 

Double Station Blow Molding Machine
Double Station Blow Molding Machine
Double Station Blow Molding Machine
Double Station Blow Molding Machine
Double Station Blow Molding Machine

Description About Double Station Blow Molding Machine

Place of originChina
Brand nameJWELL
Model numberBM05D/12D/20D
Minimum order quantity1 SET
Packaging detailsWooden pallet packing
Delivery time90days
Payment termsTT. LC

Specifications of Double Station Blow Molding Machine

Technical parameters
Max product volumeL51220
Dry cyclePc/h700*2600*2600*2
Die head structure
Continuous type
Main screw diametermm759090
Max plasticizing capacity (PE)kg/h90160160
Driving motorKw304545
Oil pump motor powerKw111515
Clamping forceKN70120160
Space between platenmm150-510240-640280-680
Platen size W*Hmm350*400450*500500*520
Max. mould sizemm360*400500*520560*520
Platen moving strokemm450/520600/650650
Heating power of die headKw7.51012.5
Machine dimension L*W*Hm3.7*3.1*2.74.2*3.2*3.04.3*3.2*3.1
Machine weightT8.51214
Total powerKw609093
Note: Informations listed above are for reference only, the production line can be designed by customer's requirements.

Double Station Blow Molding Machine Application

Double Station Blow Molding Machine Application

Double Station blow molding equipment produces products coverage various blow molding products such as 5ML~1000L plastic bottles, pots, tanks, drums, tool bags, seats, tabletops, blow-molded pallets, and automotive plastic parts.

Double Station Blow Molding Machine Performance and Advantages

a. Multi-point dynamic adjustment of the curve, smooth operation, no jagged blanks.

b. Extrusion blow molding machine's servo motor has fast response for forward and reverses switching without hysteresis.

c. The wall thickness actuator requires high precision, strong fatigue resistance, and can meet long-term production.

d. The high-frequency operation control system has fast response, short cycle, and high curve repeat consistency.

e. The cooling channel of the mold needs to be designed reasonably and the cooling time is short.

f. The mold blade has little abrasion, long life, clean and stable flashing.

g. Quick installation lock, quick water pipe connection.

Double Station Blow Molding Machine Packing & Shipping

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No.118 Shangshang Rd.,Liyang City Jiangsu Province,China
+86 188 5120 0063