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Fully Drawn Yarn (FDY Spinning Machine) Manufacturing Process

Jwell Machinery supplies high-quality FDY spinning machines at competitive prices. The video briefly shows the fully drawn yarn (FDY) manufacturing process. The wound yarn with high orientation and medium crystallinity can be obtained by introducing a tensile effect into the spinning process of the PP FDY spinning machine, that is, fully drawn yarn. 

The production process of fully stretched yarn (FDY) is similar to that of partially oriented yarn, except that the process itself combines stretching and heat setting to produce yarn at a higher spinning speed. This PP FDY spinning machine achieves stability through orientation and crystallization. It is produced by the continuous polymerization process of the FDY spinning machine. All key properties of the yarn, such as strength, elongation, moisture change and boiling water shrinkage, are closely monitored. Controlled interleaving allows the yarn to be twisted or sized in subsequent operations.

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