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JWELL Machinery HDPE Pipe Extrusion Machine

Advantages of HDPE Pipes:

HDPE pipe is an excellent choice for the production of superior

physical and chemical properties of the pipe and pipe applications. HDPE pipe with a 60 year history of being used with success so far that day and every day steel, concrete and buried in history as alternatives to PVC Pipe. HDPE Pipe can be melted at high temperatures with a very high chemical and crack propagation resistance of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene - High Density Polyethylene) is produced with raw materials. 

1. Handling – HDPE pipe is much easier to handle and install

compared to other pipe materials

2. Reduced installation costs

3. Heat-fused joints – HDPE pipe can be heat fused together to

form a joint that is as strong as or stronger than the pipe itself

4. Corrosion and Chemical Resistance

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