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What Problems Should Be Paid Attention to in the Automatic Blow Molding Machine?

With the continuous progress of plastic technology, plastic products are inseparable from our daily life, and plastic products can be seen in various industries. The fully automatic blow molding machine that many people want to buy is also called a plastic blow molding machine, just with a different name.

So when purchasing a plastic blow molding machine, what problems should we pay attention to?

Briefly describe the working principle of the blow molding machine. After heating the raw material, the embryo is extruded into the mold, injected with compressed air to make it close to the mold, and finally demolded to form a hollow product.

Ⅰ. The production requirements of plastic blow molding machine products

First see what kind of product you want to make, and choose a blow molding machine according to the selected plastic product. For example, a large blow molding machine for example! The blow molding machine can produce buckets, water tanks, barricades, pallets, septic tanks, etc.

You need to consider how many plastic parts you need to produce. The plastic blow molding machines you choose are different according to different production products. Since the input cost of the blow molding machine manufacturer is also different when designing and producing the machine, the natural price is also different!

Ⅱ. Manufacturers of blow molding machines

This is even more important when choosing a fully automatic blow molding machine. We must first confirm the product and communicate with the manufacturer. When choosing a manufacturer, you can compare multiple manufacturers. Pay attention to the following points: raw materials, technology, blow molding machine configuration, after-sales, etc., these are more important.

1. It depends on the qualification and technical team of the manufacturer. For example, choosing a large blow molding machine has higher requirements on the manufacturer.

2. The blow molding machine parts are also very important. Here is a brief introduction to the auxiliary machines of the blow molding machine. You can take a look and have a simple understanding. Be careful! When everyone gets a quote, they must ask whether it is a bare metal price or the whole blow moulding machine price.

3. When negotiating with the manufacturer, the basic requirements of the product type, output, and production consumption should be communicated with the manufacturer in detail.

Manufacturers will also give users a detailed cost budget, and make production plans according to the needs of different users. Improve for each customer's different needs.

Ⅲ. The price of blow molding machine

These are the issues that everyone cares about, and they are also the focus of purchasing a fully automatic blow molding machine. As mentioned before, according to the different machine prices of the plastic extrusion china product, the small blow molding machine is about 30,000-500,000, and the large plastic blow molding machine is about 600,000-500,000.

The exact price depends on your needs! You get what you pay for, especially for this kind of large-scale plastic blow molding machine. The accessories used are different, and the cost of investment will also be different, so don't try to be cheap.

Since the machinery will gradually have various problems in the future production process, unlike shoes, the surface problems can be seen immediately.

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