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Matters Needing Attention in the Blow Molding Process of the Blow Molding Machine

1. What are the precautions for the blow molding machine in the blow molding process?

You may all be familiar with blow molding machines, which are mainly used to blow bottles. bottle.

Compared with other raw materials, plastic hollow containers are not only light and cheap, but also have high safety features, which can be seen everywhere in our lives.

In particular, all kinds of beverage bottles used at home are made of plastic as raw materials, which brings more and more convenient operation to people. However, if the blow molding machine factory uses the blow molding machine, what preparations should be made? Woolen cloth?

1. Before using the blow molding machine, it is necessary to seriously check whether the moving parts are stable, and it is necessary to seriously check whether the screws are softened. If there is, it should be tightened immediately to ensure the safety and stability during use. 

2. For places where the impact force is very weak, it is necessary to check whether the belt drive part is stable, whether there is serious wear and tear, which needs to be replaced and processed, and it is necessary to add lubricating oil to each part to ensure the service life of the blow molding machine equipment. more years.

Repairing the blow molding machine according to a certain order can not only ensure the stable production of the product, but also prolong the service time of the machine and equipment.

Therefore, before the maintenance of the blow molding machine, the following maintenance rules must be accurately implemented to improve product quality and productivity.

1. If the blow molding machine fails, repair it as soon as possible. If you can take advantage of the power outage or repair the product when the product is replaced, it will help to reduce the downtime and never delay the production of the machine.

2. The parts that affect the blow molding quality of the blow molding machine need to be replaced or repaired every six months. If there are parts that do not affect the quality of blow molding, they can be used for a shorter time, which can reduce the maintenance cost of the blow molding machine.

3. If the blow molding machine needs to be repaired in a small area, it should be repaired at the time when the glass melting furnace is repaired, so as to avoid the shutdown of the blow molding machine during the production process.

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